Invitation to join JRIMT

JRIMT was established in November 1983. We will integrate and combine vast knowledge of science and technology in a wide range of fields related to materials, and widely develop it as practically useful knowledge. We will also work to advance science and technology related to materials and further develop their practical application. As a result, we will contribute to the development of our industry and the improvement of our lives.
We hold research presentations, conferences, seminars, lectures, seminars, tours related to the science and technology of materials, award projects for outstanding research achievements, innovative technology and product development (Paper Award and Progress Award, Technology Award, Technology Encouragement Award, Student Paper Award, Gold Poster Award, etc.), publication of the journal "Material Technology", publication of printed materials related to material science and technology, and related organizations inside and outside Japan related to material science and technology. We are engaged in a wide range of activities such as cooperation with academic societies for information and human exchanges.
 We would appreciate it if you could understand the activities of this association and join us. 


(You can apply for membership online. Please send e-mail to our office.)

Material Technology Research Association Membership Benefits

1. The journal "Material Technology" will be distributed free of charge every other month.
2. You can participate in events such as study groups and debates held by the association with a member discount or free of charge.
3. You can receive various awards such as treatise awards and technical awards.
4. Corporate members can participate in various events as regular members and the specified number of people for each event.
5. You can plan and propose new study groups and events related to materials and hold them as sponsors of the association.

Annual Membership Fee of JRIMT

The fiscal year of JRIMT is from January to December.

Regular member: 9,000 JPY
Student member: (including graduate students) 3,000 JPY
Corporate member (1 unit) 50,000 JPY (2 or more units are requested )
Public member 10,500 JPY
Subscribed member (purchase of the journal) 12,000 JPY